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ELEVATE Orlando’s character-building program expanded from UpLift, a long-successful model started in Denver, Colorado, which has helped enrich that community for more than 30 years. Many of the children and teens that ELEVATE serves come from broken or abusive homes, struggling communities and high-risk neighborhoods. ELEVATE Orlando provides these youth with positive adult influences who guide them toward personal growth and achievement throughout their high school careers. ELEVATE focuses efforts on young adults at one of the most pivotal points of their lives: high school. Intervening at this age allows our Teacher/Mentors to create positive impacts that can last a lifetime.

  1. Full-time ELEVATE instructors (not just volunteers) in the Orange County public schools
  2. Four program areas (In School, After School,Adventure, Post Secondary)
  3. Year-round programming, not limited to the school year
  4. Long-term relationships with multi-year impact, forming a “pipeline” of influence
  5. High school and Middle School students teaching elementary kids, becoming leaders and role models
  6. Aim High Give Back, developing leaders that give back to the communities through service projects.

Our overall goal is to empower urban youth to become leaders and productive citizens through long-term, relational support. We consider success to include students:

  • Graduating from high school with a plan for the future.
  • Learning ELEVATE Orlando’s 13 character qualities and life skills and implementing them in their lives.
  • Pursuing post-secondary education.
  • Leading by serving others and giving back to the community.