What We Do

What we do

ELEVATE’s Unique Model Within OCPS

  • ELEVATE Orlando creates relationships not just with the students they work with every day, but also with principals and school leadership, forging meaningful partnerships that can change entire communities for the better. With ELEVATE Orlando’s unique model, community members can see firsthand how their tax dollars are put to work in Orange County’s public school systems.
  • Our unique model does not begin and end with high school. ELEVATE focuses on lifting up entire communities by implementing mentorships that start at the alumni level and work all the way down to our elementary schools.
  • ELEVATE is more than just an after-school program. It is an educational partnership that includes school-approved curriculums and mentorships that extend far beyond the classroom for children and teenagers who need it most.
  • ELEVATE high school & middle school students are required to take what they have learned in their fully-accredited courses and pass that knowledge down to elementary schoolers through a program called Little & Mini ELEVATE. This lasting cycle instills positive values and character qualities on our high schools’ future student bodies, influencing feeder elementary school students to continue on with ELEVATE’s programs as they advance through school.
  • Because students’ lives don’t stop after the school bell rings, ELEVATE promotes community-wide responsibility across multiple generations of kids within the same neighborhoods, who then hold each other accountable and act as role models both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • ELEVATE classes are taken as fully accredited electives during the school year. When students are not in class, they are provided with guidance and support by their dedicated Teacher/Mentors, who can be reached when parents or other positive adult influences are not available.
  • Our unique model covers all important elements to a student’s personal and academic success, including 1) in-school education through ELEVATE’s school-approved curriculums, 2) after-school mentorship and summer activities to maintain a positive impact on students’ lives when school is not in session, and 3) college/post-secondary preparation where students walk away ready to tackle admissions, scholarship research, and course preparation.

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