24/7 Mentoring

Staff members spend 60% of their ELEVATE time mentoring students outside of the classroom through bonding, adventure, and college preparation activities. These activities are often coordinated and executed with community organizations that share similar values and goals, including:

  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Junior Achievement
  • YMCA

Our goal is to provide long term relationships and 24/7 support that extends outside of the classroom setting. This allows us to further model the way of the 13 character qualities and life skills.

Relationship longevity is a particularly important, especially since youth who are referred to mentoring programs often come from single-parent homes, and many have experienced multiple failed or disappointing relationships with adults in the past. (Research June 11, 2010 Youth Mentoring In Perspective)

Our full-time staff members go through extensive training and are available to kids 24/7. A survey of more than 700 mentoring programs found that 36% of volunteers received less than 2 hours of training, and 22% received none at all. (Research June 11, 2010, Youth Mentoring In Perspective)

The TEACHER/MENTOR difference:

  • ELEVATE Orlando’s Teacher/Mentors are more than educators — they provide support that is fully integrated into the lives of young men and women in need of a positive influence beyond the confines of their schools.
  • Teacher/Mentors come from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, giving students a level of comfort and relatability with an adult who understands customs and life experiences that are similar to theirs.
  • Our Teacher/Mentors join our ranks because they are passionate, not only for education, but for making a positive change in their communities.